Niagara Falls Casino Grade Canada

Niagara Falls has two excellent casinos that are just a short drive from Toronto, Canada. Although they are separate cities, Niagara Falls and Toronto are directly connected due to the growth of the communities in between them. If you are looking for the very best in live casino action in Toronto, then it is also well worth heading to Niagara Falls. 

Why Should I Go to the Niagara Falls Casino in Toronto, Canada?

Why should I go to the Niagara Falls Casino in Toronto, Canada? This is a solid question given that Casino Woodbine is within the Toronto city limits and is an excellent casino. However there are a couple of considerations to keep in mind. Toronto is such a large city that it might actually be shorter to go to Niagara Falls than another part of Toronto! Crossing from one side of Toronto to the other can take as much as two hours on a bad traffic day- whereas it is only about one and a half hours to get to Niagara Falls. You may actually save time and gas money leaving Toronto to gamble in Niagara Falls. Or, consider staying at home and playing at one of our recommended online casinos which have all the same slots and table games.

Best Casinos in Ontario

The best casinos in Ontario are in Niagara Falls and they are owned by the same excellent company. The Niagara Casino is the original full service casino built in Niagara Falls, and the stunning Fallsview Casino soon followed in a major expansion. Both casinos have all of the latest slot machines and table games. However, Casino Niagara has a huge poker room and the Fallsview Casino has all of the incredibly popular Baccarat tables. These are two excellent large casinos with some of the best gambling in Ontario.

In addition, Fallsview Casino is built overlooking the incredibly beautiful Niagara Falls and so it is a worthwhile natural destination on its own. In addition to the stunning setting, the Fallsview Casino also boasts a huge entertainment complex, shopping mall, elite spa, and five star hotel. You and your family may in fact like the Fallsview Casino and Hotel so much that you may never want to leave.

How do I get from Toronto to Niagara Falls?

How do I get from get from Toronto to Niagara Falls? There are a number of excellent ways to get from Toronto to Niagara Falls but driving is of course going to be most people’s choice. If you have a car then simply take Highway 403 all the way from Toronto to Niagara Falls. It couldn’t be more direct and any easier.

In addition to driving, there is also the Go Train system which is Ontario’s intercity train and bus service. You can take a Go Train from downtown Toronto most of the way to Niagara Falls and then board a Go Bus for the remaining short distance. Plans were recently announced to enlarge the Go Train service so that it goes all the way from Toronto city centre to Niagara Falls city centre. There are also Greyhound and Mega Bus connections between the two cities which makes the trip easy and cheap.

Niagara Falls Casino Near Toronto, Canada – Online Casinos

You can choose which Niagara Falls Casino near Toronto, Canada you want to play at and both are excellent. However, if it is too far away or you just don’t like crowds  of tourists, then think about playing at one of Toronto’s excellent online casinos. With huge payouts, and big dollar sign up bonuses, online casinos are the perfect way to get some action in Toronto. Sign up today!

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